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A collection of interviews and photographs recorded by Women's Archive of Wales in 2013-14

Random Interview

VN041 Glenys Hughes, Laura Ashley, Carno;Laura Ashley, Newtown;Universal Shirt Co, Newtown

Glenys left school before her 15th birthday and began working in a sewing factory in Newtown. The factory made pyjamas and she was on three months probation when she started. She was still living at home. She hadn't been sewing before so she had training when she started and she quite liked it. The factory was called the Universal Shirt Company.She was there for five years before leaving to work in Laura Ashley in Carno in 1967. She began in Tŷ Brith, which was the original factory in Carno. The factory was nice she says, and there weren't many girls there at the time. It was small compared to the factory in Newtown, which was huge. Her wages at Laura Ashley were £9, 17 and 6d. So there was about 10s difference, which she says was a lot then. She began on tea towels and aprons, and she doesn't think they were doing clothes at the time. The day to day routine was a break in the morning and again in the afternoon and half an hour for lunch. There was a little canteen for tea and coffee and she took sandwiches in. They often went outside to eat their lunch. Glenys drove in to work. Later she became a supervisor and worked out the piecework rates for the machinists. She took redundancy before retirement age and went to work in another sewing factory in Newtown, until she retired at 65 in 1998.