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A collection of interviews and photographs recorded by Women's Archive of Wales in 2013-14

Random Interview

VSE004 Mattie Ruddock, Clothing Factory, Hirwain;Polikoff's, Treorchy

Mattie left school at 14 (1938), her mother stopped her becoming a private maid (skivvy), and went to Polikoff’s until she became pregnant. (1946). She returned to do hand sewing but hated it. They made overcoats for soldiers. She was exempt for ammunitions work or land army if she married within six weeks – so she did so! Her sister worke din the ‘snobby’ part – dress division. Dancing and going to pictures. Father very strict chapel – good singer and went to Eisteddfods. Cycling to work. Wireless at dinner time. Welsh-speaking. When her husband was out of work she worked in Hirwaun clothing Factory. ‘I hated it’. Wearing trousers (like bolier suits) in Polikoff’s. Needle through finger. Those in charge Londoners. Holidaying in Barry – lamplighter. Mattie and her husband looked after several clubs after this. Then in the dairy – canteen.