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A collection of interviews and photographs recorded by Women's Archive of Wales in 2013-14

Random Interview

VSW003 Glenda & Annie Lewis, Morris Motors (Leyland), Llanelli;John Patterson tablecloth factory (aka John Pattinson and Fairweather works), Ponthenri

Glenda and Annie left school when they were 14/15. Glenda worked on printing tablecloths in John Patterson’s (c.1953-) and Annie on cutting the material. In Morris Motors Glenda made car radiators for 35 years. The John Patterson factory closed and Annie worked in the battery factory in Pont-henri for some months. She worked in Morris Motors for 32 years. They describe playing tricks there. Glenda was given a special table to work on because she was left-handed. Annie tried for a job with the men on the presses but other workers complained. Xmas parties in the factory. Both had watches for long service. They talk about the gloves, smoking and the smell of cigarettes. In Morris Motors they sold babies’ clothes that they made. Problems with targets – the material was poor. The award ceremony for long service. Glenda left at 58 – a bad back and Annie at 56.