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A collection of interviews and photographs recorded by Women's Archive of Wales in 2013-14

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VSW057 Mair Richards, Milk Marketing Board, Pont Llanio Creamery

Mair left school at 15 (1952) and worked on a relative’s farm for three years. Then she had a job in the laboratory in Pont Llanio and within a year was moved to the office. In the laboratory she took samples of milk. The factory made powdered milk. There was a room there for the workers to play table tennis. Office work was better paid. She prepared the wages. There was a strike in the sixties – a dispute about a driver in the Felin-fach factory. The manager was given a car and a house by the Milk Marketing Board. On her wedding day a milk lorry came down her street and rang the horn all the way. She left when she was pregnant in 1967. Since then she’s done several jobs – caring in an old people’s home was her favourite. She learned to type in the Pont Llanio office. It was a happy place to work.
Debbie Edwards and Marian Gregson at work at the Pont Llanio Creamery.